Membership Information

Wyoming Trust Association exists to provide an effective, collective voice for the trust industry in Wyoming. WTA is recognized by the trust industry, allied professionals, and by legislators and regulators throughout Wyoming as the principal voice for trust companies doing business in the State.

 WTA members enjoy several benefits, including:

  • A place “at the table” when the WTA is developing marketing materials and legislative and regulatory positions and priorities for the trust industry doing business in Wyoming.

  • The opportunity to participate in task forces and working groups that work directly with the Division of Banking on behalf of the Wyoming trust industry.

  • Information about pertinent changes in Wyoming laws and regulations.

  • The opportunity to be an active part of the community of trust companies doing business in Wyoming that speaks responsibly and collectively for good public policy and practice.

  • The opportunity to participate with other executive officers of WTA member trust companies in joint policy meetings with the leadership of the Wyoming Banking Division.

  • The opportunity for member company staff to get to know and interact with their counterparts in other member trust companies.

Additional benefits, include:

  • Regularly published thought pieces

  • Conference calls on policy and industry marketing developments

  • Conferences, seminars, and events

  • Participation in WTA policymaking committees

  • Company logo and link to company website on WTA website

  • Ability to post on WTA careers board

Voting Members

The WTA shall has one class of members with voting rights (the "Voting Members"). The Voting Members are organizations that are either: (a) trust companies chartered under the Laws of the State of Wyoming; (b) bank trust companies with Wyoming trust powers; (c) law firms with offices in Wyoming that have an attorney that serves as a director or general counsel for an entity described in (a) or (b) above; or (d) independent public accounting firms with offices in Wyoming that have a CPA that serves as a director or independent auditor for an entity described in (a) or (b) above.

On any matter requiring a vote of the Voting Members, the Voting Member shall designate one person who shall cast a vote. The rule of one vote per Voting Member shall be observed. In the event there is a dispute or there is an issue about who has authority to cast the vote on behalf of the Voting Member, the Directors shall have broad discretion to establish a procedure to resolve the issue.

Voting Members are entitled to serve as on substantive issue subcommittees and on the contemplated Legislative & Regulatory Committee of the WTA. In addition, Voting Members elect and may serve on the Board of Directors of the WTA. 

ANNUAL DUES : $2,500 annually


Accounting, law, registered investment advisors and other interested parties are welcome to join the WTA as a Non-Voting Associate Members. Non-Voting Associate Members are entitled to attend WTA meetings, participate in calls and share information, as well as receive all WTA publications and have full access to the WTA website.

ANNUAL DUES : $2,000 annually

Code of Ethics

The Wyoming trust association is committed to supporting its members as they provide the highest level of professional fiduciary services and to steward the trust industry for the betterment of the citizens of the state of Wyoming.